Serbian Art during Wartime

Center for Contemporary Art
Kneza Milosa 16 11000 Belgrade,
YU Phone/fax: 381 11 642 587
E-mail:, brankacs@yahoo. com

Founded in June 1994, CCA functions as a visual arts cultural center for the Fund for an Open Society in Yugoslavia. Supports contemporary visual arts through grants competitions, exhibitions, comprehensive documentation, lectures, screenings, production services, etc. CCA also promotes Yugoslav art abroad through contacts and collaboration with foreign partners in the fields of art and theory and provides international information and contacts for local art community. Until 1999 CCA supported 103 projects from all parts of Yugoslavia, mostly for printing costs, travel and shipment expenses, exhibition preparation costs, etc.
CCA comprehensive documentation contains 71 file of contemporary Yugoslav artists and artistic groups.

In house exhibitions:
an exhibition of Dutch and Belgrade artists,
Belgrade, 1995 (with Cinema Rex)
The Gaze Scenes,
Belgrade, 1995
The Gaze Stories,
Skopje, 1995/1996
A Look at the Wall

(Cinema Rex project, produced by CCA), Belgrade, 1996
The Loop,
Novi Sad, 1997
II Annual Exhibition,
Belgrade, 1997
Belgrade Experience,
London, 1997
Pertej, artists from Kosovo,
Belgrade, 1997 (with Cultural center 'Dodona", Prishtine)
Map Room,
Cape Town, 1997
Focus Belgrad,
Berlin, 1998
III Yugoslav Biennial of Young Artists

(with Artistic workshop "Aurora"), Vrsac, 1998

In house publications:
Art in Yugoslavia 1992-1995,
ed. Dejan Sretenovic, B92, Belgrade, 1997
Pop vision, a collection of theoretical essays,
ed. Branislav Dimitrijevic, Aurora, Vrsac, 1997
Catalogue of the II Yugoslav Biennial of Young Artists
ed. Dejan Sretenovic, Aurora, Vrsac, 1997
New Readings of the Icon, a collection of theoretical essays,
ed. Dejan Sretenovic, Belgrade, 1999 (to be published)
Catalogue of the III Yugoslav Biennial of Young Artists,
ed. Lidija Merenik, Aurora, Vrsac, 1999 (to be published)
Feminist visual theories, collection of theoretical essays,
ed. Branislava Andjelkovic, 1999 (to be published)