10 March 1999. Belgrade


 Dear Sirs / Madams, 

In the field of fruit business, SERBORANGES have been regarded as the best for a century and a half. Socialism and ruthless state competition has not affected their quality or atraction. Their reputation is spread by everyone who tastes them: they are recommended by word of mouth to artists, art critics, friends and many prospective customers.

Serbian fruit farmers supply UNIVERSAL FRUIT with the best quality produce from their orchards and gardens. Fresh citrus fruits are coming from the middle of Belgrade all the year round. Careful selection and preserving ensure the quality of well-known TODOSIYEVITCH’S DOMESTIC SERBORANGES that are supplied to the art galleries and museums all over the world.

It would give us great pleasure to supply you with artfully cultivated SERBORANGES you may wish to order. You have already noticed that its quality is probably much better than that of the oranges usually sold in your country. You will soon see that your distinguished customers notice the difference too, and will want to place repeat orders.

We should like to prove this to you, and therefore we are prepared to grant you a very special discount of 3% if your order is more then 150.000 kg. of our SERBORANGES per week. This, with the 4% cash discount which we would allow, should enable you to offer the goods for sale at competitive price

 May we look forward to receiving your order? We assure you our best attention.


Yours faithfully


Rasha Todosiyevitch



Dragoljub Rasha Todosiyevitch — Universal Fruit Co.Ltd. 11040 Beograd, Prahovska 4a, Serbia YU. Phone/fax:381 11 652 643,