Rasa Todosijevic

Dragoljub Todosijevic-Rasa (1945, Belgrade),
painter and sculptor. Lives in Belgrade. Graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts, Belgrade (1969), where he studies painting. Has been exhibiting since 1967. In the early Seventies, he was one of the initiators of new art in Belgrade. His means of expression include installations, performance, video, paintings, sculptures, as objects made of different, clashing organic and non-organic materials: bread, fish, rubber plants, mud, plaster, water, metal, found objects, transistors, etc.

Such works as Forged Bread (1973), 200.000 Lines for the Paris Biennale (1977),Schlafflagge with Carp (1981), Invisible Sculpture - Endless Music (1981), Fountain of Death in Maribor (1988) and Gott liebt die Serben (1989) have been destroyed and exist only on photographs.

Collaborated briefly with the music group known as Other New Music (M.Draskovic and M. Savic).

Since 1973 has written essays on the theory of art and "art texts" (For Art Against Art, Introduction to History, Who Makes Profit on Art and Who Gains from it Honestly). Since 1980 has been writing Stories on Art. His essays and stories have been published in many Yugoslav and foreign literature and art journals.

Major performances and actions: Marinela (Belgrade 1971), Decisions as Art (Edinburgh - Belgrade, 1973), Drinking Water (Belgrade, 1974), Was ist Kunst? (Paris, Biennale de Paris, 1977), Was ist Kunst? (Wien, Oesterreichicher Kunstverein, International Performance Festival, 1977), Was ist Kunst? (Lublin, International Festival of Performance and Body Art, 1978), Vive la France - Vive la Tyrannie (Amsterdam, International Meeting devoted to Work and Words 1979).

He had some 40 one-man Shows and about 200 group exhibitions: Edinburg Art Festival (1973), Spans 73 (Zagreb, 1973), April Encounters (Belgrade, 1973-1975), 10 European Artists (Hillyer Gallery, Northampton, Mass, U.S.A., 1975), Paris Youth Biennial (1977), New Art Practice 1966-1978 (Zagreb, 1978), European Dialogue, 3rd Sidney Biennial (Australia, 1979), Krakow Encounters (1981), 16thBiennale in Sao Paolo (1982), Photographs by Artists (Crown Point Gallery, Oakland, Cal. U.S.A., 1982), Private Symbols as a Social Metaphor (5th Sidney Biennial, 1984), Fra-Yu-Cult (Gallery 369, Edinburgh, 1990), Photography among the Serbs 1839-1989 (Belgrade,1991), Cetinje Biennial (1991), Slav Athens (Ljubljana, 1991), Private-Public (Podgorica, Belgrade, Novi Sad, 1992-1993), Europaer (Graz, 1993).Project for Europe- Europe Rediscovered (Copenhagen ,1994.) Edinburgh Arts Festival (Edinburgh 1994), II International Biennial Invitational (Los Angeles, 1994), Aeropagitica, 28 freie Seiten, Museum G.A.M.E.S of Art (Monchengladbach 1997), Out of Action; Between performance and the Object, 1949 -1979: Museum of Contemporary Art (Los Angeles 1997); Osterreichisches museum fur Angewandte Kunst (Wien 1998);Museum d Art Contemporani (Barcelona 1998 - 1999);Museum of Contemporary Art (Tokyo 1999), Body and the East, Museum of Modern Art (Ljubljana 1998) Focus Belgrade, Galeria IFA (Berlin 1998).

One - Man Shows:
Belgrade, Novi Sad, Sarajevo, Zagreb, Ljubljana, Skopje, Edinburgh, Florence, Paris, Modena, Turin, Brisbane, Tubingen, Priboj, Glasgow.

Prahovska 4a, 11000 Beograd, YU
phone: 381 11 652 643
e-mail: dtodosij@f.bg.ac.yu